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Lunar New Year at Surrey Museum

I started reading the Artist’s Way a few weeks ago and one of the exercises I’m supposed to do every week is to have an “artist date”. That means, bring myself to some activity I will enjoy and like, something that might feed my senses. So last Saturday I decided to go for the first time to the Surrey Museum, and on that day, there were activities related to Lunar New year.

The building mix a bit of old and new architecture and it’s quite small! There was one area dedicated to the permanent exhibition and another area with theater, foyer and a small presentation room close to the reception.

The permanent exhibition at the Museum is dedicated to the movies and TV series that were filmed in the city. There are autographed photos of celebrities, costumes used in set, some interviews, trailers and a green screen where you can feel you are inside the TV. Kids were definitely happy to play “inside the TV” and I won’t deny, that brought me a smile into my face.

In the main lobby there were activities related to the lunar new year, with dance and music presentations, paper cutting and calligraphy. First I cut a symbol of spring, the lady gave me a template do draw and then you would get a kids scissor to cut the lines. I confess it was harder than I thought! The paper is very thin and I tried to make it neat and precise. Almost ripped the paper!

Then I watched a few music and dance presentations. There were kids playing typical instruments, groups of young ladies synchronized, but the one that I found most beautiful were the ladies slowly moving with their fans. They were elegant, mysterious and delicate, and at a certain point I just saw myself with a few tears to my eyes. I think many types of art can be beautiful, and this one touch my heart for showing their culture in their controlled and well presented movements.

After that I stop quickly at the library, got a coffee and went back home. It’s a new experience for me, and I’m trying to treat my “internal artist” as another person and really give them a good time. I think they enjoyed.

What do you think about this kind of experiences? Do you “take yourself out” for activities? What do you like to do? Let me know in the comments!