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My Esty Shop is Open Again

Welcome to my Little Shop

This year I’m creating embroidered illustrations to decorate your house, give as a gift and start your own collection. I’m especially inspired by flowers and I hope you love them too!

5″ Hoop, Personalized Initial and Floral Art Garland

5″ Love Lettering Calligraphy Embroidery Hoop
5″ Botanic Illustration Hoop – Hydrangea Embroidery

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Designed with Love

Hi, my name is Jonara Oliveira and I create embroidered illustrations. Following a family tradition in crafts, I decided to bring together drawings, stories, fabrics and stitches. Here you are going to find embroidered designs, inspiration quotes, and some custom products that can become amazing gifts. I warmly welcome you to my website and I hope you find something that touches your heart. Enjoy your visit!

Blog Posts

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