The Winter Wishes Collection • Embroidery Products and Illustrated Fabrics

The Winter Wishes Collection brings a fun and vibrant atmosphere for the holidays, with illustrated and embroidered products for home décor.

Inspired by classic comedy movies from the 90s, the designs includes Christmas toys and ornaments, winter activities like ice skating, holiday shoppers, a grumpy Santa Claus and even a Christmas Choir pattern.

Available in home décor, tote bags and fabric by yard.

The Winter Wishes Embroidered Tote Bag comes with an inside pocket and key hook, available on my Etsy Shop

There are 15 patterns, ranging from statements prints to blenders. Lots of options to choose from.

The designs were also used for social media, Instagram gifs, digital wallpapers, postcards and packaging materials.

If you love a cozy Christmas season, visit my shop and check all available products. Add some fun and beauty to your life!

The Book Lovers Collection • Embroidery Illustration and Pattern Design

The Book Lovers Collection celebrates all book enthusiasts! Readers, writers and any one attracted by old paper books, vintage typewriters, loads of coffee and a cozy environment.

Inspired by romantic comedies from the 90s, the designs bring a hint of humor and romance, fall elements and a warm colour palette.

The collection includes fabric by yard, home décor and fashion accessories – like tote bags.

Fabrics are offered in 16 seamless patterns ranging from statement hero prints to neutral delicate blender patterns. Lots of options to choose from.

The designs were also used for social media marketing, Instagram gifs, digital wallpapers, postcards and packaging materials

If you love books, coffee and romance, visit my shop and check all available products. Add a little of fun and beauty to your life!

Victoria Shoulder Bag

This shoulder bag is embroidered with flowers, and is the perfect accessory if you like a romantic, delicate or feminine style. Wear it the whole Spring and Summer and also enjoy during your holiday trip. You will look great in all the pictures!

The handle is handmade in crochet with mercerized cotton thread, a comfortable and strong material. Button closure and a small inside pocket for your convenience.


Width: 9.5″ / 24.5
Height: 6″ / 15.5
Depth: 2″ / 5.5

Weight: 0.3 Lb / 150g

Length from handle to base : 16-17″ / 41-44cm


  • Elevate your everyday look with a light pair of jeans and white shirt
  • Try with a neutral color overall and flats to create a effortless look
  • Combine with a circle skirt for the ultimate romantic look



Rare item, shipping from British Columbia in Canada.

Rabbits and Flowers

Easter is a moment of renewal, hope and new life. For many years, rabbits, hares and bunnies have been associated with Easter, bringing goods for the kids who behaved well.

Feeding the Rabbits by Frederick Morgan

“Believe there is a great power silently working all things for good, behave yourself and never mind the rest.”

Beatrix Potter

When I lived in Calgary, during the spring we have a rabbit guest in our garden. He would create a small hole under a tree and stay there many yours observing everyone who would pass close by. The whole nature would start getting colourful again and the first flowers would start blossoming after the snow.

Inspired by that I created a few illustrations for my Easter collection (but they can be used the whole year!)

I hope you have a peaceful holiday and that the thoughts of renewal and rebirth bring you joy. Happy Easter!

5 inches Easter Bunny Custom Name Embroidery Hoop | Flowers and Rabbit | Choose Colours | Kids Egg Hunt Gift | Basket Ornament | Cute floral

Celebrate Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee

This year we celebrate 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II reign and many festivities are schedule to happen throughout the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth and around the World.

The Queen, photographed by Chris Jackson

Did you know the Queen:

  • Is the longest-serving female head of state in known history;
  • Expanded the Commonwealth from 8 to 54 members;
  • Is patron of more than 600 organisations and charities;
  • Wears mostly solid-colour overcoats and decorative hats, which allow her to be seen easily in a crowd.

She inspire us with her dedication, leadership and amazing sense of duty.

She works incredibly hard and always shows a level of professionalism and dedication that is unsurpassed”

Chris Jackson, official photographer

The Queen is known for using clothes to send across a diplomatic message and she choose the colours to stand out and make sure everyone gets a glimpse of her.

Inspired by her image I designed a few embroidery hoops to celebrate her Platinum Jubilee

5 inches Crown Queen Elizabeth Embroidery Hoop – Platinum Jubilee 70 years Longest Reigning Monarch – Commemorative Decoration inspired by the coin design

Add a royal touch to your decoration and get inspired by her presence!

If you would like to learn more about the festivities, also visit the Royal Family Website

Creating Embroidery with Historical Inspiration

Joséphine de Beauharnais was one of the most important patrons of the arts. After buying the Château de Malmaison, she hired Pierre-Joseph Redouté to paint the flowers of her garden. Her husband was nothing less than Napoleon Bonaparte.

Those drawings are until today a great source of inspiration for all of us!

Scroll through to see some flowers and paintings of the beautiful Château de Malmaison

The Botanic Collection is inspired by some of Redouté flowers. Visit my shop to discover more!

The Magic of the Flowers

After buying the book “A Garden Eden. Masterpieces of Botanical Illustration” by H. Walter Lack it would be a shame not to get inspired by images of the book and create a few embroidered illustrations in the same theme. I examine the volume: 728 pages of images and descriptions from illustrators from all eras and all over the world. A gorgeous piece to keep in the bookshelf and to get delighted exploring page by page.

The purpose of botanical illustration is not to create a beautiful picture, instead is to capture the structure of the plants precisely. The beauty, in this case, is just a side effect. But we can’t help to admire the pleasant aesthetic result.

Without going so much into the scientific detail, I tried to reproduce in my own style, some of the beautiful works I’ve seen in the paper. I used natural fabric to simulate the aged paper, and stitches in different directions, giving volume and shape to different petals.

With so many pages to get inspired from, the embroidery collection is always growing. All embroidery hoops are created in coordinating colours, so mixing and matching is very easy. Decorating with botanical illustration never been so cozy!

July 2021

July 2021 is a lettering illustration project created for products including planners and calendars. The delicate lines of the letterings and flowers create a minimalist, but romantic aesthetic. The surface design in blush and white flourishes is inspired by the warm Summer light.


In June we start celebrating the birthdays of our intuitive friends of Gemini. This illustration is inspired by the colors of the water and how protective they are It was created for a line of t-shirts and tote bags. Colors are blues, turquoises, yellow and brown.

The Ladyship Room Pattern Design Illustration – Part 2

The Ladyship Room Pattern Illustration is a surface pattern design project created for textiles, wallpapers, decoration and stationary products. The design is focused on a mostly feminine public, with delicate and vintage references.

After publishing the first 3 unidirectional patterns, here it’s possible to see pattern illustrations in a more organic and multidirectional composition, applied to decoration fabrics, like the pillowcases above.

On this second part of the collection there are 2 multidirectional patterns and 3 unidirectional pattern. The base color is green with accents in blush and yellow. Although mostly the tones are delicate and soft, some of the characters contrast deeply giving depth and rhythm to the design.

This collection is available for licensing. All artwork © 2021 Jonara Oliveira.