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5 steps to start selling Illustrated Products

Many years ago I dreamed about having my products out there. The idea of someone going to a store and choosing something I designed was so incredible but so far! I had no idea where to start, and I feel many people might feel the same. Fortunately today there are so many ways to create illustrated products, but it all starts with the right mindset.

1. Create courage!

You need courage to show your artwork in public, to make a lot of mistakes, and to feel ashamed of what you created last year. Courage is like a plant, you need to cultivate and make it grow on you. It’s not something you can buy, or that simply exists. You need to tell yourself: I can do it!

2. Learn all the technical skills

You don’t need to know everything right now, but you need to keep improving. Do you need to improve your drawings, colors and composition? Or maybe you need to learn how to use a software like Photoshop or Illustrator. Maybe you need to improve your product photography or marketing? Whatever it is, book some time in your calendar for study. It’s important to look one year behind and see progress.

3. Explore different ways of making products

Maybe you can produce them yourself, find a reliable supplier and get them to make you some small batches of products. But have you ever thought about printing on demand? There are many services like that where you can easily visualize your product and set up for sale for free. Another amazing option is selling digital illustrated products. Not all illustrated product needs to be physical. There are so many possibilities, try to open your mind!

4. Test your samples

Is the quality of the printing good? Is the product comfortable to use? I like to use my bags and hang my hoops. I also like to get samples even if I trust a print on demand service. It’s your reputation that is out there. Ask your friends and family what they think. Make sure you are happy about the quality before start selling. It’s not about being perfect. It’s about being up to yours and the customer expectations.

5. Open your shop

You can add your products in a marketplace like Etsy or Creative Market, or try a print on demand service like Society6. Market places are usually easier to create than a website, and they have some traffic on their own. For your own website or print on demand, you might need to generate some traffic yourself. And don’t forget to try selling in person at local markets and fairs, some people have a great time at those. 

💪 It all starts with courage. Ready for it? Let me know in the comments!

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Product Review: Hearts Tote Bag

The Hearts Tote Bag is part of the Valentine’s Collection and feature many hearts but just one got hooked! Check some of it’s main features:

1. Materials

Made with cotton canvas and polyester thread (high durability and firm colours)

2. Size

16×16 inches and a flat bottom, very roomy

3. Handles

 Thick and comfortable handles, won’t hurt your shoulders

4. Design Details

 Inside detail matches outside design, just super cute

5. What you can bring on it

Fits a 13 inches notebook or even larger

6. Internal Pocket

Internal pocket fits large iPhones and androids

7. Key Hook

 Key hook attached to the handle, with easy access

8. Well finished

Well finished with internal lining, you won’t see the embroidery from inside

Love what you see? Visit the shop!