House decoration saga: a farewell

If you follow me for enough time you know how hard I worked trying to decorate our house in a cute way despite the horrendous carpet and other challenges we faced. We faced the pandemic, fluctuations in my work schedule, a super tight budget and some very strict landlord rules. Every little change required tons of effort. If you missed my saga you can read here all posts here:

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If you are expecting to see a beautiful ending to my decoration project, I’m very sorry to disappointing you but actually it’s all over now. As many of you know we moved temporarily to British Columbia (in a very soft transition between 2021 to 2022).

We sold lots of things and sent some furniture to a storage. In BC we are living a very minimalist life, since it’s a temporary arrangement and we don’t want to invest our time and energy in trying to decorate the new place.

I lived almost 8 years in Calgary, it was my first port of entry in Canada and I have a special place for this city in my heart. I made many friends who stayed there and many that moved away to new destinations. I discovered lots of cute little shops around and had good relationships with the community. I also studied illustration at AUArts and made some incredible connections with some very talented people.

In that house so many friends came for pizza, drinks in the balcony and crazy fights with the fire alarm. It was a pleasure to see the rabbits during spring time and go for walks by the river. We stayed 2 years in that house and I always thought it would be my last rented place.

I dreamed many times I would just leave that place for my own, “real” home. But moving to BC was actually really good for us. I’m very happy and I’m way more focused on my business. Having a less complicated routine is giving me more time to work on my career.

I’ll leave some pictures I took in the last days before our move.

Thanks for following this journey! I hope you had a good time reading about my decoration adventures. This project is over but since I’m designing fabrics, keep in touch to see some of my cushions, pillows and quilts. Maybe you can use them in your own decoration saga!


Steps of acquaintance

Last month I moved to a new house. It’s actually a townhouse, but it’s very cute. Leaving my 1 bedroom apartment for a place with 2 bedrooms, 1.5 washroom and a basement has been a huge change. I never lived in a house with stairs before, so now I never know where I left my stuff. I remember my mother-in-law advising me against townhouses as they are a lot of work going up and down. She’s right, but I’m new to it and I’m having a lot of fun.

Now the interesting thing is how my old decoration doesn’t fit the new space. The orange wood in the balcony make all my blue objects look like they are screaming. My blue and mustard chairs look super awkward in the kitchen yellowish floor and I feel I don’t want to hang any of my old art on the new walls. 

Everything feels a bit out of place or incomplete.

So after some consideration we decided to make a new painting for the living room, something large and abstract, and that will be it. I have to buy canvas and a frame and start studying composition and colors. I never do anything abstract so it’s exciting and a bit scary.

I would like my house to be more romantic and inviting but for some reason she wants to be more modern and cool. Maybe because it’s an old house, trying to look younger. It’s like the house has her own will.

But we are becoming good friends. I’m super inspired to take good care of her, I watching online videos and refreshing my cleaning skills, researching ideas and smells to make it a more inviting place.

And if you find funny I called the house “her”, that’s because in Portuguese, a house has a feminine gender. I know a house is “it” in English, but not mine. She is definitely a girl, with lots of personality.