10 Best Elements of the Grandmillenial Trend

Mixing a lot of flowers in the traditional décor is the first step to achieve the Grandmillenial Style. A bit of nostalgia and a hint of modernity and voila! Here are some of my favourite ideas inspired by this trend:

1. Pink architecture

A pink façade creates that magical “dollhouse” vibe and bring the best childhood memories back

2. Exuberant fireplaces

Adding some dramatic bronze birds and a luxury framed mirror make the fireplace an undeniable focal point. Who wants a modern TV to be the center of the living room in a grandma house?

3. Tea and crochet corner

No grandmillenial home is complete without some cute crochet dollies, a delicious piece of pastry and an afternoon tea. The Queen would be proud!

4. A love for peacocks

The most exotic and luxurious bird marks its presence in objects, furniture and even on the walls. Here is a very creative pattern using peacocks with a modern and graphic twist.

5. Textured ceilings

No bare surfaces anywhere! A grandmillenial home embraces you from all angles and no bare ceilings can make it cozy. Place some beams and the magic hill happen!

6. Traditional Portraits

Realistic art is a must in a grandmillenial house, specially portraits and profile busts. Give preference for oil paintings and play with symmetrical compositions.

7. Botanic illustration

Realist and delicate plant drawings are essential! The warm colour of the old paper really brings that grandma feeling we are trying so hard to achieve.

8. Embroidery Flowers

Nothing is more cozy than a pile of embroidered cushions with lots of flowers. If they are in shades of pink, than we are all ready to jump!

9. Mix of patterns

Embrace the utmost maximalism by mixing prints of many kinds. The trick here is to stay within a colour palette and play with the scale of the patterns.

10. Floor to ceiling bookshelves

No grandma house exists without paper, lots of paper. Ditch your e-reader and bring back the real books. The lovely colours and texture of the books will inspire you to read more and scroll less.

Now if you got here, go make yourself a good tea, get cozy with some flower cushions and go read that good old paper book. Relax and let me know later what is your favorite grandmillenial idea!


10 Delicate Floral Pink Wall Coverings

I’m obsessed with romantic style and lately I discovered they are popular again, thanks to grandmillenials. House Beautiful describes this as: “Ranging in age from mid‑20s to late‑30s, grandmillennials have an affinity for design trends considered by mainstream culture to be “stuffy” or “outdated”—Laura Ashley prints, ruffles, embroidered linens.”

Pink floral wallpapers give a dreamy vibe to my grandma chic style. Scroll through for a glimpse.

Morris and Co

By YvesTown

De Gournay

At Houghton Hall

Rifle Paper Co

With Loloi Rugs


By Yves Town


By The Green Eyed Girl


By McGraph2


By McGraph2


By Minnette Jackson Interiors


By Brewster Home

Laura Ashley

By Peonie Cole Cottage

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