The Ladyship Room Pattern Design Illustration – Part 1

The Ladyship Room Pattern Illustration is a project designed for interior design and stationary products. The style was created for a public mostly feminine, who enjoys delicate objects and appreciate beautiful moments at home.

I wanted to create a nostalgic feeling, updated in a modern style

Jonara Oliveira

The pattern uses lots of storytelling to create an atmosphere of a very feminine room, where the ladies are getting dressed for a party. The flowers, birds and branches suggests they are in a garden estate. The objects and style of the clothes makes you imagine the scene is happening long time ago.

These are the first 3 patterns of this amazing collection. On this sample, the mix brings a micro pattern with a dark blue background, one coordinate striped pattern in light blush and a hero pattern with all its glory in bright yellow.

This collection is available for licensing. All artwork © 2021 Jonara Oliveira.