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How to use products, how to style a hoop or wall art in your space, what kind of objects to combine for a stylish decoration. How to wear tote bags, how to style with other pieces. Places and combinations to wear. What to bring in your tote bags.


Product reviews. What is the bag or wall art is made of. What is the size? What is the feeling of it. Form, design, value. Pros and cons. Inside and outside review.

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Showing all the inspiration behind the products. If a collection is inspired by a city, like Paris, for example, see all the references. Or if it was inspired by a movie, or an art style.

Coming up soon!

Behind the Scenes

The artist and the process. The drawings and making of the products.


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Everything that is cute, feminine, introspective and peaceful. Crafts, cute décor, family traditions, and moments of reflection.


My favorite vintage movies, historical cities, art styles and fashion history.


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