Hi! I’m Jonara Oliveira

I’m a Canadian illustrator and surface pattern designer

I love books, coffee, old movies, ballet, vintage fashion, art history, and all things cozy.

Let’s grab a coffee!

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I was an Architect in Brazil until moving to Canada in 2014. I studied Visual Arts and Illustration at Alberta University of the Arts and worked a few years with acrylic painting and murals in Calgary, AB.

Everything was new

Starting a new career in a new country was definitely challenging but after my first year drawing, I did my first exhibition!

3 years leading an Art Studio

I managed a group of art studios in Calgary, each one hosted hundreds of students every season!

When I moved to British Columbia in 2021, I decided it was time to design my own products. I wanted to celebrate my family tradition in crafts and I realized I love to be surrounded by fabrics, threads and notions. I started designing textile products, surface patterns and embroidery.

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