My grey hair journey

It’s been 1 year since I died my hair for the last time. It all started in December 2018, I decided new year = new hair and spent the whole 2019 far away from dying, except for some toner around May/June. I have tons of curly hair and it takes forever to grow. Patience has been my last name. Check my progress.

January 2019 (1 month)
February 2019 (2 months)
April 2019 (4 months)

Until the 3rd month it was relatively easy to hide the roots with sprays and styling. I used a ton of L’Oréal root cover up and the similar spray from Schwarzkopf. After that, the area I needed to spray started to be too large. The spray started to look very dull and opaque. To make it worse, oxidation made the dyed part of the hair looks orange, very dried and unruly. From April to July I used a toner from L’Oréal called Age Perfect but after 3 applications it started to stain my hair (a very weird purple undertone). I stopped and most of the toner was washed out but I hated myself with the 2 colors/texture hair.

August 2019 (8 months)
August – a radical cut

Cutting the hair was a tough decision but I couldn’t look at myself anymore. Although my hairdresser is fabulous, he definitely took much more than necessary here. I got shocked (as well as all my family) but there was nothing to do. Hair grows after all.

October 2019 (10 months)
December 2019 (12 months)
January 2020 (13 months)

I’m finally starting to feel feminine again and I totally miss my huge curly fluffy hair. I don’t miss the color so much and I’m happy my hair is much healthier. The grey is actually cool and goes well with my skin. Some days I feel I look pale and old, but most days are fine and I’m overall happy. I just miss the volume around my head. I believe the summer it will be very nice again.

I joined a support group on Facebook and check hundreds of pictures for grey journey on internet. Since the beginning I really wanted to go cold turkey and simply let grow. I got super jealous of all those girls with amazing grombre everywhere on Instagram. But I chopped. So today I was wondering why I had to chop. Then decided to take a look on my pictures, because I miss my hair so much. But seriously, look at these pictures:

Compare the texture of the new hair with the old damaged hair
Again check the frizz on the dyed part compared to the new hair

That was a nightmare of frizz! It was horrible damaged and I remember I was using lots of special creams and blue shampoo and purple shampoo and restoration máscaras and nothing could repair my hair. So I calm myself again. It had to be cut.

Lately I straightened a few times to avoid the look “curly grandma”. I like a lot but I don’t do it everyday.

Better grey than burned!

Anyways so this is my hair year so far. It’s not easy and most of the times it’s not fun at all. Many people compliment the color but I believe some people just notice because it’s very different. I still don’t think I can have a fair judgement since the length of the hair is still so different then when I started. I can’t wait to have long hair again.

Have you been to a major hair transition? Leave a comment! And thanks for reading!

By Jonara Oliveira

Visual Artist and Illustrator, working with embroidery

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