The bedroom make up: Part 1

This weekend I started working on my bedroom plan. Our room looks so boring and dull and everything screams “rented house with Ikea furniture”. There is nothing on the walls and even my bedsheets are Ikea… Take a look

The view as you get in (sorry I made the bed after)
I didn’t have a nightstand (just bought one I’ll paint and share soon)
I absolutely hate what I call the 3 black towers

When we moved we had to buy a dresser but the budget was tight. I didn’t want this Malm dresser but that was what fitted our budget. I just hate this dresser, it’s heavy, it’s boring and looks very dark. To make it worse, this tv was giving us troubles so we bought a new tv for the living room and we put this one here upstairs. Now I have the big black tower! The TV is larger than the dresser and looks completely out of proportion. I still don’t know how to solve this. When I’m on the bed all I see is 3 black towers: the dark mirror, the tv and the closet.

This is the other side, with our closets.

I want my bedroom to be more romantic and cozy, and I want to add more personal touches. I cannot change the color of the walls or the closet and my contract doesn’t allow me to make holes in the wall larger than 1mm ( so no shelves or heavy frames). And as usual, my budget is very tight.

My plan is to cover the bed headboard with fabric, get new bedsheets in pastel colors, make a new duvet cover ( I’m thinking patchwork with blues and pinks), add some art to the walls, put some curtains, get a nightstand and a new table lamp, find a way to disguise tv. I started by painting one of my 3 towers, my mirror.

I use folk art chalk paint (dries super fast!)

For my mirror I mixed Folk Art Glacier with some white and black to reduce the vibrancy of the color.

Paint paint paint

I didn’t sand it or did any preparation. Usually when I paint furniture I sand, primer, sand and then paint, always sanding between coats. But we barely touch this mirror so I just painted 2 coats and just lightly sand in the end.

I love this part!

I protected the mirror with tape and paper, nice and easy to clean. On Monday evening I dissembled and painted the first coat, on Tuesday I did second coat, sand, waxed and assemble again. It took me about 4 hours of work total (I let it dry about 2 hours each coat).

Nice and polished

I always finish with a coat of wax, chalk paint looks very matte and the wax give a satin feel. It creates a protective coat that makes much easier to clean.

The final piece
It feels less aggressive although I don’t like the dark screws on the side, I might paint or change for something else.

I put a piece of fabric on the window to simulate a curtain, it makes it more cozy, can’t wait to have some real curtains here! My husband didn’t like the blue mirror, he thinks it looks too much “beach furniture” what I kinda agree. I don’t dislike but it would be better if the walls were white, I feel it clashes a bit with the warm walls. When I buy the sewing machine I’ll make the cover for the bed and the curtains and then rethink about the mirror color. One alternative we talk is to simply paint it cream. It would look nice for sure, but for now it will remain blue.

I also don’t know how to decorate the area under the mirror. I had some pictures frames and a teddy bear my husband gave me but now it looks a bit baby room, so I just put a box and a plant.

So what do you think? Yay or nay? Leave a comment!

By Jonara Oliveira

Visual Artist and Illustrator, working with embroidery

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