Happy New Decade

I’m sorry I disappeared in 2019.

Since last month I’ve been trying to take better care of myself. I’m taking vitamins everyday, bought some nice creams, order an anti wrinkle sticker (!), got a membership at the gym and I’m trying to cook more at home and eat good food.

2019 was an year of changes. I can highlight 3 major changes in my life:

  • I got married 🙂
  • I got a big promotion at work
  • I moved to a townhouse

There was also a ton of other things that happened (some not as fun as these three above). I got very very busy and the truth is, by November I was exhausted. So now I’m trying to go a bit slower.

From all things, I believe going from part time to full time had the biggest impact on my routine. The second semester simply disappeared in my struggle to get used to my new duties. I’m loving my job, I manage 3 art studios in the city and it’s great. But I think just now, about 6 months later, I’m starting to breathe and feel I can do more than just work and rest.

So here is this post. I’m not back to drawing and I’m not producing any art. I help other people produce art, I help other people teach art. So this is also cool. And for now I’m just taking care of myself.

I wish a 2020 calm, quiet and manageable. Happy New Year!

By Jonara Oliveira

Visual Artist and Illustrator, working with embroidery

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