The tidy life

I love cleaning. OH! Did I say that out loud? No! That’s not true! I love a clean and organized house. Also a clean and organized work space, and even a clean and organized city. Maybe it’s the feeling of peace that comes from an uncluttered environment, I don’t know. It’s just so good when things look beautiful and smell fresh!

Throughout the years I learned a lot about different methods for keeping everything nice and tidy and I would love to share what I learned. Here is my main tips:

Cleaning is different from organizing.

Nice office space! Can I clean that window? (Credit: Life by Lufe)

An organized but a slightly dirty house usually feels better than a messy but very clean place. I believe our brain tricks us here. We are very visual and we love to see a beautiful composition. If the first impression of the space is positive and things look good, we overlook the details, like some dust on the shelves or a foggy window on the corner. However, if the whole house is clean but the decoration objects are all over the place, somehow we understand the place is not clean enough. That said, the goal is always organize first, clean later

Create your own cleaning routine and stick to it

She is so cute! Marie Kondo put us all on the right track

My routine is a mix of habits I learned from books and websites, including ideas from Lady Fly and Marie Kondo methods. I have a daily routine for the basic stuff, like making the bed and making sure the kitchen is spotless before going to sleep. I also have a weekly routine for laundry and a monthly routine for deep cleaning the house. I’ll make a detailed post about it later, but whatever you do, being consistent is the key. It makes everything easier!

Don’t obsess

I do have my Monica moments from time to time…

If you ever hired a cleaning person or company you know what I’m speaking about. It’s just amazing to get home and absolutely the whole house is sparkling clean and smelling like the paradise. I love that feeling and I know I could achieve same result if I spend my whole days cleaning. But let’s get real. Would that be a priority? I’d rather spend my time with my family, enjoying my hobbies or simply resting. So my “cleaning day” is usually a couple of hours. I try to focus in just one room per week and don’t obsess about the rest. My Monica side sometimes screams inside me, desperate to have the whole house spotless but there are other things on life, so I try calm down. How about you? Did you develop any routines? Do you get nervous in a messy place? Leave a comment bellow 😊

By Jonara Oliveira

Visual Artist and Illustrator, working with embroidery

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