Is it time for change?

It’s been a long time I don’t update my blog and social media. So much happened since the beginning of 2019. My personal life took over and there was so much to do and deal with. I feel this is a year of many changes for me, and I feel I want to write about it.

Many years ago, I had a personal blog where I was very open about everything. I spoke about my daily life, my ideas, how I was doing at university, what kind of movies I liked and about the books I was reading. The name was something like “Very Cool!”. I still remember the black background with light grey font. It was mostly text — lots of it! Very rarely I would post screenshots of movies, and just once I posted a few drawings I made during a trip in Brazil countryside.

As the years passed, I felt less comfortable speaking about my personal life and started focusing more in cultural themes. From 2005 to 2010 I wrote a cute little blog called “the skilled cat”, where I published books and movies reviews with a star rating system. I loved the discussions in the comment session and for a while I had lots of fun.

Slowly, social media took over and stop having my own online corner.

I started posting more in social media but I never completely abandoned the idea of having a blog. After “the skilled cat” I opened blogs about cooking, crafts and finally about art and creative process.

Lately I feel speaking about art is not enough. I miss writing about everything, being personal, and having an online space I can use as my cute little corner. Sometimes I want to speak about bread, plants, the neighbourhood, the weather, the stars… Or even make up, my house, and of course, books and movies, why not?

So I decided to have a personal blog again. An online space to be free, have a cup of coffee and simply speak about everything. No defined themes, no agenda, no goals. Just enjoy the space, write and draw.

So welcome and thank you for your visit, stop by anytime.


By Jonara Oliveira

Visual Artist and Illustrator, working with embroidery

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